Monday, July 23, 2012


We finally went and saw Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. Both G. and I read the book a while back so when we saw the trailers for the movie we were intrigued. 

The movie was fun and very action packed but to say they took artistic liberties with the story line would be an understatement. Also I am starting to wonder if CGI animation hasn't ruined special effects. It seems as though now that they know the producers know that they can do anything they want to they feel the need to do just that for shock and awe value.  Over all I would give it a 7 out of 10 on my vampire movie rating scale. 

We saw it at the discount theaters in Carson City and I was impressed with the facilities. I used to work at this theaters when I was in high school and the building has gone through some renovations since then. They downsized a bit from 10 theaters to only 4, but these are of higher quality then they were when I was working there. Even though you have to wait a little longer to see the movie you want because of the fact that it is a discount theater it is well worth it. The two of us got into the movie and got treats for under $20! 

Last weekend another carnival came to the park next to our house and I took some pretty cool pictures that I forgot to post so here they are. 

One of the games was shooting zombies with paintballs! 

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  1. Interesting to read your review of it. It doesn't show in theathers around here so I'll wait for the DVD release. Always a pleasure to visit a travelling carnival, but I use to study the attractions closely before I ride one, they can be badly maintained.