Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wacky Bowling

This past weekend was my company's annual bowling night. The events committee rents out the entire bowling alley and we all get to bowl, drink and make fools of ourselves. This year they added some fun by doing what they called wacky bowling. For each frame you had to bowl in a different way. Here are some of my favorites:

Bowl backwards, which ended up being between our legs for most.

Bowl on one leg, there was a lot of hopping involved.

And my personal favorite bowl between the legs of a fellow team member! This one was actually kinda scary!
The night was a blast and our team won the costume contest. We had a 50's theme and our team name was "The Lucky Strikes."

I also found out that even though my hair doesn't glow in the dark, it does indeed glow under a blacklight!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dark Shadows

G. took this picture for me and I thought it would be good for an outfit post because A.) I love this outfit, it is a favorite & B.) Awesome Dark Shadows movie promo prop at the theaters today and I just had to share it!
This outfit is very simple, but makes me happy.
Sweater: Target, a few years ago, lightweight and perfect for a day that is struggling to decide if it wants to be spring or not.

Jeans: Fragile skinny jeans that I picked up at Ross. They have a nice stretch to them which makes them very comfy.

Shoes: Just some basic black flats that I got at Payless. I need to replace them though the stupid insole started coming out the first day I got them and it just keeps getting worse. Maybe not replace since that's the only thing wrong with them, could prob just get some Dr. Scholes or something.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Professeur Gothique's monthly challenge

Here's my outfit for Le Professeur Gothique's monthly challenge. I chose Mucha because when going through my closet and jewelery box I couldn't really find anything that really made me think of Waterhouse. Not really gothic at all, but neither was Mucha really. This green is one of my favorite shades (sorry the pic is so dark) and one that Mucha used a lot in his paintings and lithographs. I added the scarf to get some drape since most of Mucha's women are draped in a somewhat Roman way.

This ring I bought specifically because it reminded me of Mucha. I got it in a second hand clothes store in Nevada City.

Very Art Nouveau earrings! I just love these but rarely wear them because they are a little big for me.

The black ring was a recent gift from my honey and I absolutely love it! The silver one is one that I always have on and was the promise ring that my grandmother gave to my grandfather. The floral theme in both made me think of the Art Nouveau period and thus of Mucha.

Well that's my contribution, hope it was up to par.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The lovely lady over at Le Progesseur Gothique has posted her monthly homework assignment. This month the task is to do a photo shoot, outfit, meal, etc based on your favorite piece of visual art or artwork. I haven't finished brainstorming on what I will submit yet, but this gives me the opportunity to get back into the blogging world and also spam you all (imaginary friends) with some of my favorite work from some of my favorite artists. Two artists will always have a special place in my heart, not just because of their beautiful work, but because their art has some sentimental meaning for me.

First, and always first in my heart...

Alphonse Mucha

I am drawn to the organic nature of his work, and to the Art Nouveau movement as a whole. When I was still in high school I was working at a Bead Store. The owner of this store was also a silver smith, he was the first to introduce me to Mucha and since that first introduction I have never stopped being drawn to his work.

The other artist who holds a special place in my heart is John William Waterhouse

These three images are ones that I have either had or currently have hanging in my house. There is something beautifully haunting about the works of Waterhouse. They not only represent a period of time in history that I find interesting but also a period in my life that was a starting point for me and my search for self.

That's it for this post. Wish me luck, coming up with a submission for Le Professeur is going to be a challenge!