Friday, July 13, 2012


First and foremost.....

Happy Friday the 13th!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now for my homework

This month the lovely lady over at
asked us to post about the things that we can't live without. This made me think about what's really important in my life and what I really couldn't do without.

These are my two favorite perfumes. The tall one is sensual amber and the little bottle is twilight woods. I absolutly love the way these two smell. I use the amber one almost everyday and the twilight woods one on special occasions. They're both from bath and body works, I even have an extra bottle of the sensual amber so I'll never run out unexpectedly. 

A few other things that I though of but didn't get any pictures of are:

                 -burts bees chapstick
                           -urban decay liquid eyeliner
                                      -my coach prescription sunglasses.

These are some of the finer things that make life bearable! 

Please head over to and check out her post and all the other contributors! 


  1. Oooo ... I love the amber too! :) It's so warm and yummy. And a BIG yes to Burts Bees chapstick -- I like the way it tingles and it's the only one that I don't eat off! :)

    Thanks for participating!

  2. Amber is such a classy scent! I use fruity perfumes, my favorites are green apple and lemon scented ones. ^^