Monday, July 2, 2012


The Art of lounging;
First, a little bit of exercise is nice. Some may think that this defeats the purpose of a day spent lounging, but for me it makes me feel better about spending the rest of the day on the couch. I took a nice walk to the library, where I lucked out and found a copy of the BBC version of Northanger Abby that I hadn't seen yet.

Next, proper lounging attire is mandatory! You want to be comfortable, and be able to move into all the seemingly afterward positions that may result while you get into a prime position on your couch or favorite chair. For me that means my favorite lounging shirt and sweatpants. Also I like to have a headband or something to keep my hair from falling into my face.

 (sorry about the dark pic it was a cloudy day)

Now I choose to spend the day having a Lost Girl marathon, which is something I have been looking forward to for a while. Other times I have spent the whole day watching movies or reading a book from cover to cover. What you choose isn't as important as how you chose to enjoy it. For me the couch is my throne, and I only leave it for bathroom and snack breaks. Snack are another important aspect of the lounging experience. Some my be tempted to spend the whole day binging on junk, I do not advise doing this! Some junk is essential, but make sure to mix is a dose of healthful food as well. This helps eliminate any guilt you might feel later and prevents a junk food hangover ( trust me this is a real thing!). Also keep a stock of your favorite beverage on hand, for me iced green tea. 
yummy grapefruit with sugar! 

One last thing that I add to the mix is a project that I can do while watching the T.V., something that doesn't take a lot of concentration. This time I was working on a scarf that I am knitting for the winter, other times I've done a bit of embroidery or cut pictures out of magazines of collages and such. You get the idea. This isn't mandatory for a day spent relaxing but I find that it helps me stay in one place and not feel the need to keep getting up to do other things. It helps me to feel productive even though I'm spending the majority of the day sitting on my arse. 
This is how I do it, how about you? Any tips or ideas on how to spend a day lounging on the couch?

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