Wednesday, July 18, 2012

finished projects

I was in need of a jewelry storage solution so here it is

 An old frame and some chicken wire from the shed

A shelf , spray paint and some cup hooks
Had all these things on hand so I think I came up with a pretty resourceful solution.

How do you keep all your jewelry organized?


  1. Chicken wire, very clever; I'm totally stealing it! :D

    I am having trouble storing my jewellery. My necklaces and bracelets are hung up nicely but the rest is in boxes all around the apartement...

  2. So nice! The frame with net is clever. I store my jewellery in a drawer in boxes and pouches...I need a larger drawer.

  3. This is such a clever idea! I must rummage in the shed for chickenwire!

    I use painted corkboards with silver hatpins stuck through them to hang my necklaces, but everything else is a big jumble in a jewellery box.

    You can see the boards in this post here: