Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A little more Shakespeare

Shakespeare at the lake last Sunday. This year it was "Two Gentlemen of Verona." Not my favorite of his but it was worth the trip and a few tickets in the cheep seats.

 We sat way in the back and whoever leveled the chairs did a horrible job we were sliding out of our chairs through the whole first act, after intermission we gave up and spread our blanket in the sand. Next year we'll pay extra for better seats. 

My love and I 
I really like this picture for some reason =)
Oh and my new hair, I cut it again, this time into a pixie. 

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Oregon Caves

Last weekend I went away to the mysterious state of Oregon. My friends and I traveled a great distance in our magical locomotive machine (a VW jetta) and arrived in the city of Ashland. Here we were witness to amazing talent of many performers as they entertained us with their rendition of Shakespeare's "As You Like It" and a uproarious interpretation of the Marx brother's genius in a play titled "Animal Crackers." This was my second year at the plays and I hope to experience many more plays in years to come as the experience is well worth the journey. Unfortunately I did not take the opportunity to document my adventure in Ashland via photograph, but I do have a picture from last year that I will exhibit so that you may bear witness to the wonderful architecture of one of the theaters in which the play "As You Like It" was performed. 
As you can see it is an outdoor or open air theater which made the experience so very lovely. They used the whole stage and set during the performance. There was a monstrous, many cog, clockwork suspended above the second balcony which was used to show the progression of time during the play and I would have loved to take some pictures of this but regrettably photography was forbidden during the play. 

On the second day of our stay in this wonderful place we again boarded our magical locomotive machine and took a journey into the hills that surrounded this theatrical city. Our purpose was to explore the caves that had been discovered many years ago in these hills. The journey took us through a few small villages that were cute in size and stature as well as interesting in presentation, as they were filled with small shops and dinners and surrounded by fields of livestock. 
The caves themselves are know as the "Oregon Caves," and were worth the two hours spent in the confides of our machine ( I made great progress on a scarf I'm knitting). When we arrived at our destination we had a  hour long wait before our tour and used this time to explore the lodge and gift shops, both of which were rustic and historic in nature. I was able to take some photos of this little adventure which I will share with you below. On a whole the vacation/adventure was very enjoyable, though I do sometimes wonder if my friends are actually trolls in disguised as they sometimes bear the temperament of this ill humored creatures. That is the price you pay when you chose to travel in the company of others and is usually counterbalanced by the joy of having someone to share in the experience. 

Pictures of the caves and area about:

 Back in the early days of exploring these caves people used to sign this formation, using it as a sort of guest book. Some of the signatures were very old, this one is dated Aug 28th, 1892! At one point the parks dept. tried to clean them off but something in the pencil or ink that was used left a permanent stain on the rock. I, personally am glad. Even though in signing the rock the essentially killed it, stopping it from growing any larger, I like to think that the people didn't know what they were doing and now it has become part of the caves history. 
 I thought this formation looked like fangs! 
 You had to climb 45 steps that were almost completely vertical to get to this chamber, which they called Paradise Lost. The formations in this area reminded me of a school of jelly fish. 
 I took this picture because when I looked up and saw it in the dim light I thought it was a bat, unfortunately it looks to be a leftover part of a timber that was used to support the tunnel we were in. No bats on the entire exploration, I was very disappointed! 
 This deer was waiting for us as we exited the caves. At first everyone thought he was fake, then he started to move about and pose while everyone took pictures of him. He could have charged 10cents a picture and made a killing! 
 The whole gang of adventurers poising at the exit to the caves. 
 We got photobombed by a deer! 
This was the view from the nature trail that led back to the lodge and visitors center.

Thus concludes the summery of my adventure in Oregon.
Did any of you out there in blog land have any adventures this summer?

Friday, July 27, 2012

I love the postman!

He/She brings me such wonderful things! 

My love and I are off to Ashland Oregon now, I'll post pictures and more when we get back

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

corners of my home

I thought I would give you a tour of some of my favorite spots and comers of my house. There are alot of things I don't like about my place, mainly the color of the walls but it is a rental so there's nothing I can do about it.There are also a lot of things that I love about my house, like the abundance of space!  Today I'll start with my bedroom and hopefully over the next few weeks I'll be able to take you through the whole house. 

Monday, July 23, 2012


We finally went and saw Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. Both G. and I read the book a while back so when we saw the trailers for the movie we were intrigued. 

The movie was fun and very action packed but to say they took artistic liberties with the story line would be an understatement. Also I am starting to wonder if CGI animation hasn't ruined special effects. It seems as though now that they know the producers know that they can do anything they want to they feel the need to do just that for shock and awe value.  Over all I would give it a 7 out of 10 on my vampire movie rating scale. 

We saw it at the discount theaters in Carson City and I was impressed with the facilities. I used to work at this theaters when I was in high school and the building has gone through some renovations since then. They downsized a bit from 10 theaters to only 4, but these are of higher quality then they were when I was working there. Even though you have to wait a little longer to see the movie you want because of the fact that it is a discount theater it is well worth it. The two of us got into the movie and got treats for under $20! 

Last weekend another carnival came to the park next to our house and I took some pretty cool pictures that I forgot to post so here they are. 

One of the games was shooting zombies with paintballs! 

Friday, July 20, 2012

summer reading

so far doing good
How's your summer reading going? Have any recommendations? 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

finished projects

I was in need of a jewelry storage solution so here it is

 An old frame and some chicken wire from the shed

A shelf , spray paint and some cup hooks
Had all these things on hand so I think I came up with a pretty resourceful solution.

How do you keep all your jewelry organized?

Monday, July 16, 2012


What a wonderful long weekend I had! Friday I spent a good portion of the day at the DMV, but the good news is that I have my identity back! Anyone out there who has ever been married or divorced knows what a pain the whole name change process is. It feels good to be able to use my maiden  name again, though it's going to take a while for me to get my old signature down again. 

Sunday my love and I made the trip up to Tahoe and thanks to a good friend of ours were able to ride the gondola up to heavenly ski resort free of charge! 

First there was brunch

French toast croissant! OMG the butter, flaky goodness, it was mind blowing!!

The gonadal went from state line up to the heavenly ski resort and it was a pretty steep climb. 

This just made us giggle so I had to take a picture and post it

The view of the lake from the top was amazing!

How was your weekend? 

Friday, July 13, 2012


First and foremost.....

Happy Friday the 13th!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now for my homework

This month the lovely lady over at
asked us to post about the things that we can't live without. This made me think about what's really important in my life and what I really couldn't do without.

These are my two favorite perfumes. The tall one is sensual amber and the little bottle is twilight woods. I absolutly love the way these two smell. I use the amber one almost everyday and the twilight woods one on special occasions. They're both from bath and body works, I even have an extra bottle of the sensual amber so I'll never run out unexpectedly. 

A few other things that I though of but didn't get any pictures of are:

                 -burts bees chapstick
                           -urban decay liquid eyeliner
                                      -my coach prescription sunglasses.

These are some of the finer things that make life bearable! 

Please head over to and check out her post and all the other contributors! 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

4th of July

A late 4th of July post. Spent the day being lazy and the evening watching fireworks with the family.

 We roasted some tasty marshmallows and made smores. Try putting a Rolo (chocolate candy with caramel in the center for those of you who have never had one) in the center of your marshmallow before you roast it. It gets all melty and is soooo good! 

 We has some sparklers but they were really old and kept going out and starting back up again. Kind of a pain in the ass, but still fun. 
 Then there were fireworks. Couldn't get many pictures because there was a street light that kept coming on and messed most of the pics I took. 

I forgot to take any pictures of my outfit but here's one of me and my adorable niece. 

Hope you all had a happy and safe holiday! 

Monday, July 9, 2012


Spent a lovely day at the beach on Sunday.  We went with my friends from work and her family.It was really great to spend some time with her and the kids. I used to live in an apartment attached to their garage and see them everyday so I've been missing them since I moved in with G. 

 G. spent practically the whole time throwing the Frisbee

 My friends little girl and I made a wicked cool sandcastle even though we didn't have a bucket or anything. We are masters of improve.
 That would be me in the big ol'hat hidding from the sun as much as I could. I also repeatedly lathered up with some SPF 70 so no sunburn or tan for me! 

 It was one bitchen sandcastle! 

There were lots of little ducks and geese around. They're practically tame and will come right up to you to try and get some food. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not. 

Hope you all had a great weekend! Did you do anything fun and interesting?

Friday, July 6, 2012

This weeks outfits

Not many notable ones for this week. Mostly just black T-shirt and jeans combos to get me through a long work week, but here are a few slightly more interesting ones. 

My new fake gauge earnings! I absolutely love these! They are a wonderful option for those of us who love the look of gauged ears but don't want to have gauged ears. 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


My latest embroidery project

Going to have to check back to see how it turns out!

What are you working on?

Monday, July 2, 2012


The Art of lounging;
First, a little bit of exercise is nice. Some may think that this defeats the purpose of a day spent lounging, but for me it makes me feel better about spending the rest of the day on the couch. I took a nice walk to the library, where I lucked out and found a copy of the BBC version of Northanger Abby that I hadn't seen yet.

Next, proper lounging attire is mandatory! You want to be comfortable, and be able to move into all the seemingly afterward positions that may result while you get into a prime position on your couch or favorite chair. For me that means my favorite lounging shirt and sweatpants. Also I like to have a headband or something to keep my hair from falling into my face.

 (sorry about the dark pic it was a cloudy day)

Now I choose to spend the day having a Lost Girl marathon, which is something I have been looking forward to for a while. Other times I have spent the whole day watching movies or reading a book from cover to cover. What you choose isn't as important as how you chose to enjoy it. For me the couch is my throne, and I only leave it for bathroom and snack breaks. Snack are another important aspect of the lounging experience. Some my be tempted to spend the whole day binging on junk, I do not advise doing this! Some junk is essential, but make sure to mix is a dose of healthful food as well. This helps eliminate any guilt you might feel later and prevents a junk food hangover ( trust me this is a real thing!). Also keep a stock of your favorite beverage on hand, for me iced green tea. 
yummy grapefruit with sugar! 

One last thing that I add to the mix is a project that I can do while watching the T.V., something that doesn't take a lot of concentration. This time I was working on a scarf that I am knitting for the winter, other times I've done a bit of embroidery or cut pictures out of magazines of collages and such. You get the idea. This isn't mandatory for a day spent relaxing but I find that it helps me stay in one place and not feel the need to keep getting up to do other things. It helps me to feel productive even though I'm spending the majority of the day sitting on my arse. 
This is how I do it, how about you? Any tips or ideas on how to spend a day lounging on the couch?