Wednesday, July 11, 2012

4th of July

A late 4th of July post. Spent the day being lazy and the evening watching fireworks with the family.

 We roasted some tasty marshmallows and made smores. Try putting a Rolo (chocolate candy with caramel in the center for those of you who have never had one) in the center of your marshmallow before you roast it. It gets all melty and is soooo good! 

 We has some sparklers but they were really old and kept going out and starting back up again. Kind of a pain in the ass, but still fun. 
 Then there were fireworks. Couldn't get many pictures because there was a street light that kept coming on and messed most of the pics I took. 

I forgot to take any pictures of my outfit but here's one of me and my adorable niece. 

Hope you all had a happy and safe holiday! 

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  1. I adore roasted marshmallows! We don't have those Rolo thingies in Hungary, but I'll find something similar and try it! ^^