Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wacky Bowling

This past weekend was my company's annual bowling night. The events committee rents out the entire bowling alley and we all get to bowl, drink and make fools of ourselves. This year they added some fun by doing what they called wacky bowling. For each frame you had to bowl in a different way. Here are some of my favorites:

Bowl backwards, which ended up being between our legs for most.

Bowl on one leg, there was a lot of hopping involved.

And my personal favorite bowl between the legs of a fellow team member! This one was actually kinda scary!
The night was a blast and our team won the costume contest. We had a 50's theme and our team name was "The Lucky Strikes."

I also found out that even though my hair doesn't glow in the dark, it does indeed glow under a blacklight!

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