Friday, April 13, 2012

Professeur Gothique's monthly challenge

Here's my outfit for Le Professeur Gothique's monthly challenge. I chose Mucha because when going through my closet and jewelery box I couldn't really find anything that really made me think of Waterhouse. Not really gothic at all, but neither was Mucha really. This green is one of my favorite shades (sorry the pic is so dark) and one that Mucha used a lot in his paintings and lithographs. I added the scarf to get some drape since most of Mucha's women are draped in a somewhat Roman way.

This ring I bought specifically because it reminded me of Mucha. I got it in a second hand clothes store in Nevada City.

Very Art Nouveau earrings! I just love these but rarely wear them because they are a little big for me.

The black ring was a recent gift from my honey and I absolutely love it! The silver one is one that I always have on and was the promise ring that my grandmother gave to my grandfather. The floral theme in both made me think of the Art Nouveau period and thus of Mucha.

Well that's my contribution, hope it was up to par.


  1. OOOOhhhh I love your jewelry! Very art nouveau inspired.

  2. Your jewelry is perfect for the theme! The rings, especially, are so fabulous. It's cool that you chose to do an outfit post for this theme, which not many people seemed to do.

  3. I agree with the lovely ladies above: the jewelry is perfect, so incredibly pretty. Yes, Mucha uses that awesome litho green that is beautiful and distinct. I think you capture it perfectly. Thanks for participating.

  4. Your rings are so pretty! The favourite is the one with the black stone. (Is it obsidian?)

    And the earring is nice, too.

  5. the stone is obsidian, my boyfriend found it at a local antique store. The earings I found at costplus-worldmarket