Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dark Shadows

G. took this picture for me and I thought it would be good for an outfit post because A.) I love this outfit, it is a favorite & B.) Awesome Dark Shadows movie promo prop at the theaters today and I just had to share it!
This outfit is very simple, but makes me happy.
Sweater: Target, a few years ago, lightweight and perfect for a day that is struggling to decide if it wants to be spring or not.

Jeans: Fragile skinny jeans that I picked up at Ross. They have a nice stretch to them which makes them very comfy.

Shoes: Just some basic black flats that I got at Payless. I need to replace them though the stupid insole started coming out the first day I got them and it just keeps getting worse. Maybe not replace since that's the only thing wrong with them, could prob just get some Dr. Scholes or something.

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