Friday, May 25, 2012


Got bored waiting for G. to get home so here's a post.

I love bento and usually don't take the time to put one together. This one had some veggie soft tacos and a side of fruit and mixed nuts for a snack.
(That's my awesome Serenity lunchbox in the back)
Belt: Marshals
Hair bows and flowers: Claire's

 New key covers for keys to the new place! 
Finally got my Dead Tired Draculaura doll.
(Both found on Amazon)
And this is what happens when I decide I want to know what I look like with black eyebrows and get a little carried away. 
This picture turned out a little weird but I thought it looked cool. 
Well that passed the time and now G. is home =)

What random things do you do to pass the time when you're waiting for someone?


  1. Each time I see bento, it makes me hungry :p I need to do it more often :p

    I love the key cover, so cute!

    For my part, I often read a book or I do stuff which doesn't ask a lot of time (like put some cd's on my computer/mp3 reader...).

  2. I think bento boxes seems so handy to put together. They must be perfect for little lunch salads. It would be practical for my son as well because he needs to eat often to keep up in school.